Oneflow Manufacturing provides the complete outsourcing and production services to manufacture your products. Using our experience in low and high volume production of complex high variety technology led electro mechanical assemblies, we are able to offer more than a simple assembly service.

We bring together design, technology and assembly with quality, materials management, supplier management and logistics to deliver a reliable on time source for you products, all at a competitive cost.

We take care of these processes so you can focus on growing your sales and developing your business.

What we do

As part of our manufacturing operations Oneflow take care of;

  • Quality control at all stages
  • Final inspection and pre shipment testing to customer needs
  • Engineering Change Control with drawing, specification and BOM control
  • Product development and enhancement
  • Purchasing of components and inventory management
  • Total logistics up and down the supply chain
  • Delivery of finished product, ready for use, supplied in required packaging
  • Supply directly to customer demand via schedules or on a Just in Time basis

Oneflow will work closely and openly with your team, sharing information, so that the supply of product matches yours and your customers needs, keeping costs and investment to a minimum as you grow. If it suits we can even set up in your existing premises.

Oneflow's approach is to design our processes and systems so they are scalable.

When your demand increases, oneflow can react and ensure your growth is supported. We also recognise that the delivery of your assembled product is only the start and therefore we offer other services to support you beyond the production of one product. See Services.

To discuss fully how we could manufacture your products, please contact us.

Operational Improvement
Business Transformation
New Product Development
Training, Coaching and Interim

Operational Improvement

  • Focused improvement projects
  • Fix your problems permanently
  • Real measurable quality, cost and delivery improvements
  • Increase productivity, reduce waste and release process capacity
  • Resolve customer related issues and bottlenecks
  • Involve and empower your people

Business Transformation

  • Transform your business with new ways of thinking
  • Embed a culture of Lean and Continuous Improvement
  • Allow Oneflow to help you develop your culture and manage change
  • Get a better return on your investment in people and equipment
  • Reduce lead times and improve service
  • Make the changes required to allow growth
  • Develop your people at all levels
  • Become world class with coaching and training

New Product Development

  • Bring products to market quicker
  • Reduce product development costs
  • Development of best practice stage and gate systems
  • Support with specific tools such as Design for Manufacture
  • Help filling skills and knowledge gaps
  • Help to design new services and products

Training, Coaching and Interim

  • Tailored training to meet you needs
  • On site, off site or residential training courses
  • Training in Lean principles
  • Training on all lean tools from 7 Wastes to Kanban and everything in between
  • One to one coaching and mentoring to support your key staff
  • Interim management services provided to help you move forward and fill skills gaps

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