Oneflow Delivers Orders that Count

Oneflow has delivered the first scientific instruments for its latest manufacturing customer, CellFacts Instruments Ltd. The machines were delivered on the 18th of April following assembly and final testing by Oneflow. The delivery of these machines comes at the end of a 6 month period of close collaboration between the two companies.

Following a decision by CellFacts to outsource the assembly of it machines, Oneflow successfully won the contract. Oneflow set about developing the necessary processes to ensure the reliable delivery to the correct quality standard for the CellFacts II instrument. This included making engineering improvements, developing the assembly and quality control processes and setting up the supply chain.

Oneflow Operations Director, Andy Taylor, commented; "We have worked closely with CellFacts, putting in the right processes to ensure our partnership would be successful. The delivery of these machines is just the start and we are now working hard to add value by supplying aftermarket service kits and managing engineering activity to develop and improve the instrument."