New Customers and New Technology

A Prototype for Success. The end of March saw Oneflow start work with a new customer leading to a busy run up to Easter for the team. In the first few weeks of April Oneflow have produced two full working prototype machines that are to be used in health care environments. The engineering team have been liaising with the customer and suppliers to develop the machines and to incorporate new technologies and materials to Oneflow. Both machines have used Untronics combined HMI / PLC  Jazz units. These small devices are fully programmable,

containing on board displays and a PLCl in one package. This has allowed Oneflow to provide full PLC functionality and control with a user friendly interface at a low cost, replacing the need for custom PCB's or smart relays. The machines have been packaged into stainless steel cases which has also been a step away for the norm for the team. However with the support of another good supplier the casings have been developed to give the customer the aesthetics and performance required for their demanding environment.       

"Thanks to support from our supply base and the work of our engineering team, we have been able to turn designs into prototypes in three weeks and deliver two working machines on time to our customer. It's been a great team effort all round" - Andy Taylor, Operations Director. 

Both machines are now with the customer undergoing testing and review. All being well production will commence in late May, leading to another busy time.