Oneflow becomes a GrowthAccelerator Training Provider

GrowthAccelerator; Oneflow is pleased to announce that it is now a training provider who supports GrowthAccelerator with Leadership and Management Training.

GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential. Our role as a

training provider is to help GrowthAccelerator clients develop their leadership and management teams, with match funding of up to £2,000 available per senior manager, to undertake training recommended for their business.

Oneflow has a proven track record of delivering training, consulting and mentoring in the area of Continuous Improvement and Lean Thinking.  We have helped numerous Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) improve operational efficiency by working with them to build their Continuous Improvement strategies, capabilities and culture. 

At Oneflow we believe the best way to add value is by tailoring training packages to suit our client’s needs. Most of our training is delivered in half day or full day sessions. Each one can be delivered as a standalone course or combined with others deliver a full package. 

Typical areas we offer courses in are;

Continuous Improvement and Lean Thinking - 3 Day tailored courses or 1 day introduction 

•Continuous Improvement Strategy and Implementation

•Managing CI Implementations, Projects, Change and Culture

•Operational Performance Measurement and Using Data to Drive Improvement

•Value Stream Mapping and how to use it to get ready for growth

•Capacity Planning and Theory of Constraints

•Specific Lean and CI Tools (5s, Visual Management, 7 Wastes, Kaizen, Standardised work, Problem Solving, OEE, Quick Changeover, TPM, Line Balancing)

 Our courses can be delivered on site at our clients premises, off site at a suitable venue (which we will organise if required) or at our own offices near Coventry in the heart of England. 

If you are not already a GrowthAccelerator client, then assuming that you are eligible for the service, you can sign up and benefit from tailored expert advice and help to increase turnover, profits and jobs and the potential of the match funding offer. GrowthAccelerator is a partnership between private enterprise and government which means that it is affordable. Because Government is investing with you in the growth of your business, the cost to you is significantly reduced and your contribution is directly linked to the size of your business.

Next Steps

If you are interested in GrowthAccelerator investing in your senior management team to build the Continuous Improvement capabilities that will help you plan, deliver and sustain your target growth, then please contact us at Oneflow. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and put together a proposal that meets your budgets and timescales.