Operational Improvement

For clients that are experiencing specific problems that are affecting their quality cost or delivery performance and are under pressure to resolve them and improve.

The Problem

Typically when a client contacts us they need to improve performance in a focus area or resolve a specific problem. This maybe around low productivity or space issues, a need to reduce costs or lead times or both by their customers, issues with quality or supplier performance, machine downtime, too much inventory or material flow and bottlenecks. 

The root causes to poor performance are often not known. The people involved often don’t have the time, skills or knowledge to start breaking down, addressing and resolving the issues. This is where working with Oneflow and using our expertise can help. At Oneflow we will help you permanently fix your problems and make a step change in performance. 

Benefits of QCD Improvement Projects

Oneflow has enabled our clients to achieve hugely significant improvements throughout their organisations.  We have helped clients deliver quality improvement, cost reduction and lead time improvements through focused activity.  Typical results are;

Typical Benefits
  • Productivity Improvements - 50%
  • Scrap / Defect Reduction - 26%
  • Improved Space Utilisation - 33%
  • Improved On Time Delivery - 26%
  • Increased Stock Turnover - 33%
  • Reduced Lead Times - 80%

See our Case Studies section for more real life examples of our manufacturing consultancy and process improvement work

How We Do it

At Oneflow we work with our client’s team to really focus on the problem and identify the issues. We provide a structured and systematic approach using data to analyse the problem or identify improvement opportunity. We then find the appropriate solution and implement the countermeasures. 

Oneflow can fill the skill and knowledge gaps for you. We use hands on training and workshops and your people learn alongside us by resolving a real issue; we show our clients how to make improvements and implement change. We make use of simple best practise tools that include;

Improvement Tools
  • Performance measures and analysis
  • Structured Problem solving
  • Kaizen activities
  • TPM
  • O.E.E.
  • Layout Design and Material Flow
  • Process Mapping
  • Quick Changeover (SMED)
  • Standardised Work
  • Kanban and scheduling
  • Supplier Audits
  • Visual Management

Once learnt these tools can be used by your people to improve the efficiency elsewhere in the factory, office, service or business..

Why Use Oneflow?

Oneflow’s approach is based on many years of experience working with management, operational and staff teams in fast moving just-in-time production environments or demanding service businesses. Each of our solutions is however tailored to the specific and unique requirements of each of our clients.

The key to Oneflow’s success is that we provide honest and relevant consultancy work. We don’t walk away after the initial stages and leave our clients to do the implementation; we do it for you or do it with you. We develop structured follow up plans to make sure the countermeasures, plans and ideas identified actually get implemented and work for our clients.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business issues, please Contact Us today for a no obligation discussion.