Training and Coaching

We offer training and coaching which works very well together to make sure skills acquired in a training course actually get used and become part of day-to-day working practices.

The terms training and coaching are often used to mean the same thing. Training and coaching are different activities but when used together are very effective.  

Training is learning focused, structured, usually delivered in groups and can be a one-off activity.  Coaching is ongoing for a period of time and is always delivered one-to-one.  Coaching can be used to deliver constructive feedback, keep people on track, help them find their own solutions to problems, enable them to develop their problem solving skills leading to increased confidence in their decision making ability.

Training and coaching work very well together to transfer the skills and momentum for change obtained in a training course to day-to-day work and ensure there is a measureable return on investment for training undertaken by employees.

Oneflow’s approach to training and coaching is to make it fun and hands on, with plenty of learning by doing, ideally basing the training and follow-up coaching on a current real-life business project. We can provide one-off training courses or training workshops but whenever possible we recommend that we follow up to embed the training.

We have worked with a wide range of businesses operating in both product-led and service-led markets. However, if you are a product manufacturer the total service that you provide to your customers is what you are measured on, including operational planning for just-in-time production, or stock and logistics management.  Our exceptional experience which includes working with businesses with exacting standards of quality such as food production and aerospace, means we have the ability to work with your people through training and coaching to deliver what at first can seem impossible customer requirements 

Our training and coaching services are always tailored to the precise needs of our clients with each deliverable designed just for you and usually associated with process improvement, lean thinking and operational excellence.  We can carry out a training audit to help you decide on the type and scope of training and coaching your people need.  This is especially helpful to directors or HR managers that do not have a deep understanding of process improvement, quality cost and delivery improvement or process reengineering.

One of the key benefits of using Oneflow for your continuous improvement training and coaching is that we deliver skills and knowledge based on proven principles that will create a different way of thinking in your organisation so people learn to see:

•How they can make reductions in manufacturing costs

•Where they can increase in capacity

•How increased flexibility can be achieved without increasing costs

•Where improve to products and quality can be made

•How to identify and where time can be saved and lead times reduced

•How they can increase the competitiveness of your business in your market

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