Oneflow provides complete manufacturing operations for the outsourcing of production for our customers products. We are more than just an assembly company, combining design, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing together to provide the complete integrated service.

Specialising in supporting new start ups or rapidly growing companies with electromechanical products that need assembly, Oneflow will set up the production and supply chain processes, manufacture the product, deliver aftermarket services and provide engineering support, giving our customers a reliable source of supply to meet growing sales demand.

We deliver our services in three stages working in close collaboration with our customers, this approach is flexible as we aim to provide our services when you need them. These services can be provided in part or in full, on a consultancy basis or as a fully sub contracted supplier.

Before you launch your product into the marketplace, your designs and prototypes need to be engineered for production, you need to source and cost all the components, develop the assembly processes and put ordering and logistics systems in place.


Oneflow Manufacturing provides the complete outsourcing and production services to manufacture your products. Using our experience in low and high volume production of complex high variety technology led electro mechanical assemblies, we are able to offer more than a simple assembly service.


Oneflow recognise that the manufacture and delivery of our customers products is only the start. Our customers also need ongoing support in the aftermarket, with current engineering issues and in developing existing and introducing new products.