Why Choose Us

Oneflow is an established consultancy business working with a wide range of clients in different product sectors throughout the UK.  When you chose to work with Oneflow you are accessing a vast amount of acquired knowledge and experience that will change the way you and your people go about their daily activities that can lead to lasting bottom-line benefits.  

We will show your entire team how to “learn to see” what is really happening in your business leading to quality improvements, cost improvements and delivery improvements.  By working with our consultants the techniques your people will become skilled at and the insights they will discover will allow them to achieve continuous improvement and higher levels of profitability and productivity now and in the future.

We pride ourselves on not being a typical consultancy business.  We have flexible rates and do not tie our clients into full days of consultancy, training or coaching if that is not how you want to work or what you need.  We are very happy to work on a project basis and everything we do whether it is manufacturing consultancy, delivering a business transformation programme, developing products for production or an interim management placement, we create a customised solution for you.

Our consultancy solutions are designed to be practical and hands-on and engage with management teams and staff across the whole business to embed a culture of continuous improvement and a focus on adding value to the processes which are important to your customers and will provide you with a competitive advantage.

We have a holistic approach to working with our clients and often work at several different levels within the business at once becoming a trusted source of professional support, training and coaching.

Our services include:

Operational Improvements 

Business Transformation 

New Product Development 

Training & Coaching 

Interim Management 

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